Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rain, Wolf Trap and Wolftrap

Friday saw DC's

first break from the rain for the first time since the Clinton impeachment…Or thereabouts. And how did Caitlin and I celebrate a beautiful and not too humid summer night free from rain in DC? By going to Wolf Trap to see a band called, Rain. They are a Beatles tribute band, and they did a great job of taking on the persona of the different eras of the Beatles – from their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show

to Abby Road. Paul is right-handed in Rain, but aside from that, they are pretty much spot on.

Even though I love the Beatles, Wolf Trap is only partially about the music. It is more about being outside, packing a picnic and, of course, drinking good wine. We were listening to Beatles music, eating great food outside and drinking a South African wine that was also, not coincidentally, called Wolf Trap. It was the Wolftrap Syrah Mourvedre Viognier 2008. Syrah is the dominant grape of the blend, and it is mostly syrah characteristics that you taste. The Viognier balanced some of the spicier and heavier flavors to make for a more well-rounded wine that worked well with the heavier cheeses that we packed.

I bought the wine from the wine shop at the Wegman’s in Fairfax, VA. The person who helped me told me that Wolf Trap and The Wolftrap have no relationship, which seems to this PR guy like a totally lost marketing opportunity. The wine clerk also informed me that the wine is very well known in South Africa, and expats will come to the store simply to buy cases of it. The bouquet was a bit strong and peppery, as strong syrahs tend to be. The body of the wine was not as heavy as I was anticipating. And unlike other syrahs and shiraz’s that I have had from South Africa, the Wolftrap wasn’t so thick that I felt like I had to chew it. It was a good red to accompany the cheese, spreads and grapes that we brought to eat while listening to the fake Beatles.

I personally do not believe that a bucket or bag of fast food qualifies as “picnic food,” but that may just be me.

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  1. Warren and I were at that same concert! We thought they did a great job. Of course we had wine as well....some rose's.