Saturday, October 23, 2010

Part Two of a Two Part Series: The Hiatus is Over!

It has been a while since I have updated this blog - too long, in fact. There are perfectly good reasons and explanations for the lapse. Living in DC, where status is measured by who returns who’s phone calls and how quickly, I will spare everyone the “I’ve been busy” excuse. We have all, no doubt, used it and have had it used on us. Everyone is busy all of the time, and my delay in getting a new post up is totally on my shoulders. I hope you were all able to get by while drinking some whites, reds, sparkling wine and even roses in my absence.

Instead of saying “Beltway Bacchus has been too busy to write,” I will simply say that life away from the computer was calling. And I answered. And it was calling with great material for future blog posts. A shortlist of what I have been doing since July, when I last posted:

  • Planning a wedding (most of the credit goes to Caitlin and her parents, but I helped, dammit!)
  • Planning a honeymoon (again, with fairly precise instructions from Caitlin, but I had to call and stumble through French and English conversations)
  • Planning a rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was, of course, at a Finger Lakes winery
  • Getting married
  • Going on a honeymoon
  • Missing being back from the honeymoon
  • Getting caught up on the comings and goings of my non-Beltway Bacchus life
  • Getting out to some of the newer wineries in Virginia

With all that said, all of the aforementioned events involved wine in some way, and will be excellent fodder for good posts – mixed in there with general reviews of what I’m tasting, drinking, and enjoying. I haven’t even written about my and Caitlin’s most recent trip to Napa and Sonoma (congrats, again, Ryan and Jessica).

As much as I love writing about wine I have tried and wine experiences I have enjoyed, I don’t feel all that bad about the lapse in posts. Yes, I love to share what I have tried and talk about the DC area’s wine culture particularly, but when events in the actual, rather than the virtual, world pop up, I will take advantage of them and blog about it later. Virtual viticultural experiences will never replace the real thing – nor should they. Wine is to be shared, enjoyed, and experienced by using all of your senses. I like to think that I can describe the smell, the taste, and the appearance of wine fairly well on this blog. I do have more than 75 readers, after all. But reading about tasting wine is never as good as actually tasting wine.

Feel free to use the above bullets as a Table of Contents for upcoming posts, and remember to check back here often. I promise I will post more.

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