Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Food, Good WIne, Good Cause

This is one of those weekends where I love that I care passionately enough about wine to write about it. With all the great events going on, it is hard to make time for them on, but I soldier on…

At the Virginia Wine Showcase I got to talk to people from wineries all over the state about the overall health of the industry and their own respective wineries. The short version is that Cabernet Franc and Viogner grow really, really well in Virginia; everyone is extremely optimistic about the direction the industry is headed; and if it weren’t for restrictive, outdated and downright asinine wine laws is nearby states – specifically Maryland and Pennsylvania – Virginia wines would already be reaching a much wider audience and gaining converts.

More on the Virginia Wine Showcase and the Virginia wine industry will be coming in the days to follow. But as the weekend is halfway over, it is important to look at the other wine-related events that are happening in DC. Specifically the 12th Annual Washington, DC International Wine and Food Festival. If the Virginia Wine Showcase focuses on all things local, the Washington Wine and Food focuses on all things global. There are wines from Spain, Italy and France represented, as well as an impressive showing from the Finger Lakes.

After a weekend of wining and dining, it’s important to mix it up a bit… Like wining and dining for a good cause. And you have the opportunity to do just that on Sunday. Why not spend brunch trying wine and gourmet food by one of DC’s preeminent chefs at his namesake restaurant? With all the proceeds going to the DC Central Kitchen? That sounds like it just might be crazy enough to work! And that is what the organizers of the 12th Annual DC Wine and Food Festival are hoping for. Tickets are still available on the Wine and Food Festival Website.

Starting at 11.00 am tomorrow, Chef Ris Lacoste will prepare an exclusive brunch at his namesake restaurant, pair it with wine and champagne and give all the proceeds to DC Central Kitchen. It couldn’t be a more worthy cause, and all it takes is to buy a ticket and continue doing what you have been doing all weekend. It’s the very definition of win-win.

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