Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fall Football Wines

At virtually every sporting event an game watch I go to, I withstand a certain amount of ridicule for preferring wine to beer. It is true that we are in the minority when it comes to preferred beverages inside stadiums, and the options can be crap. Why there can be a dozen microbrews available at Wrigley Field and I am stuck choosing between red and white Sutter Home shows what we are up against.

And yet, it is all worth it. Let your friends root around in the ice tub for a beer. If you like wine, drink wine. If you choose correctly, you might even convert some people to the cause.

For football wines, I am a big fan of big, bold Zinfandels, lighter, smokey Bonardas and, of course, Virginia Cabernet Francs. Any of these make watching a game all the more enjoyable.

So, with football season right around the corner, I'm getting ready to yell "go Irish!" on Saturdays, "go Bears!" on Sundays and hope I don't do it around white sofas because there will be a glass of red wine in my hand.

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