Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grading the Beltway's Wine Access

It has been a while since these came out, but the information is still relevant, and DC still ranks very highly, Virgina is respectable and Maryland - particularly Montgomery County - is an absolute disgrace. 

According to new data released by the American Wine Consumer Coalition, residents of the DC region have it pretty good when it comes to wine access.

In fact, DC ranks as one of the most open jurisdictions in the country when it come to wine.

Virgina also gets an A+ rating when it comes to consumer's choice and access to wine.

Of course, both DC and Virginia have reason to allow - say - bring your own laws, allowing wine to be sold in grocery stores and no arbitrary blue laws. In fact, with DC leading the nation and Virgina trying to expand its own wine market, 2/3 of the Capitol region can enjoy a vast array of different wines.

Pity if you live in Maryland, though. They received a D- in AWCC's latest survey, which seems generous. Anyone coming back from the mountins or the beach know how frustrating it is to stop off at a grocery store in Maryland only to know that, if they were hoping to get a bottle of wine, they would need to make two trips.

And that doesn't even drill down into the Montgomery County Liquor Politburo which is even more strict and arcane.

The ratings have real consequenses for our region. As DC and Virgina continue to be more welcoming to both wine consumers and retailers, Maryland and it's economy will be left behind.

To read the ratings for yourself, please visit:

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