Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hope in the New Year

This late into January, most New Year's Resolutions have long found their way to the curve along with the Christmas tree, the broken ornaments from the season and the cheesy gifts you can't return and feel too guilty to regift or even give away. 

Gone are the good intentions of losing weight, becoming a better person, being more assertive at the office, getting more involved in the community or the seemingly endless list of improvements people make late in December or early in January. By the time late January rolls around, everybody is - more or less - back to being themselves and their resolutions are boxed up and forgotten for another year. 

For those who are looking to still do good while not necessarily exerting too much energy, there is hope. Specifically, there is ONEHOPE Wines. ONEHOPE Wines gives half of their profits to social causes depending on which wine. Looking to help fight breast cancer? ONEHOPE's California Chardonnay will help you do that. Was your New Year's Resolution to go on a mission trip to provide clean drinking water for children in the developing world? That probably won't actually happen (again) this year, but you can crack open ONEHOPE's Central Coast Pinot Noir and help get clean water to those in need. 

Other causes associated with ONEHOPE wines is autism research, ending Alzheimer's disease, supporting our troops, ending childhood hunger and pet adoptions. 

2011 ONEHOPE California Pinot Noir
One Hope's California Pinot Noir. Half of All Profits go Towards Pet Adoptions

ONEHOPE recently sent me a bottle of their California Pinot Noir - where half of the profits go towards pet adoptions. 

The wine itself was light-bodied with a nose of chalk, cranberry and spice and full of cranberry  flavors. I couldn't help but think that these wines try to appeal to two different groups: those looking for a decent under $20 bottle of wine, and those who are looking for a wine that supports the same causes they do (Pinot for Pooches, etc.) and don't really care what the wine tastes like. 

Both motivating factors will help people purchase ONEHOPE wine and be satisfied with their decision. I would be interested to try some of their higher-end wines as a comparison to their under $20 California-appalated wines to see if there is a bit more complexity and character to them, but that will be another post for another time. 

For those who are looking to support good causes and drink drinkable, reasonably-priced wines at the same time, give ONEHOPE a look and a try. Better yet, host a Pinot for Pooches part and serve ONEHOPE to all your guests... Just a thought. 

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