Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Wine and the Seven Corks

Snowmageddon it is not, but snow is falling and will continue to fall throughout the night. As it is DC, that means that some kids will be off with a snow day tomorrow, the Federal Government will likely have a liberal leave policy, and the half an inch of snow will guarantee that the soup, bottled water and toilet paper shelves of the area's supermarkets will be bare.

Wine shelves, too. And why not? Regardless of how much or how little snow is left on the ground in the morning, snow offers a good excuse to make (or turn on) a fire, open a bottle, and enjoy the snow. Our choice for the night is a Bridgman 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Bridgman is more medium-bodied than Cabernets from Napa, yet it still has the characteristic aromas of a heavier-bodied Cabernet. With a lot of cherry and liquorice up front, the Bridgman has a lot more tannins on the finish than one would expect. The balance between the up front flavors and the dry finish makes the Bridgman a nicely balanced wine that could accompany anything from steak and lamb to Nutella on bread during a light snowfall. I can speak very confidently about the latter paring.

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